How the Bowden House Team works together

Bowden House School acknowledges the impact that many of its students have experienced in previous educational settings where their social, emotional and mental health difficulties have limited their educational progress. The Care Team works closely with the Education Team to provide a ‘whole school approach’ to learning with a joint structure involving the students in devising alternative strategies to assist them in managing their difficulties and therefore improving their chances of successful educational attainment. Each student has an academic tutor and a keyworker bringing the teaching and care staff together to monitor progress in both education and care. The Administrative Team assists all staff in managing their individual budgets; in the ordering/receipt of resources, delivering the post and the administrative duties expected in a school environment.

The Education and Care Teams also work closely with the Domestic Team particularly if external visits require packed lunches; meals need to be cancelled, etc. The Domestic Team is responsible for the provision of all daily meals; ensuring that the students’ and staff sleeping-in rooms/Common Rooms, etc. are kept clean and tidy; the school building is cleaned on a daily basis and the students’ uniforms are well maintained. The Premises Contractors ensure the safety of the buildings and that the school complies will all H & S regulations; the decorating of all the buildings and maintenance of the buildings, grounds and the extensive range of plant materials installed in a new school.

The school’s Student & Family Co-ordinator works very closely with the Education & Care Teams sharing information about the students and their families on a need to know basis. This can be anything from the reason for absence from school; issues that have occurred over the week-end or holiday periods; medical/CAMHS/YOT/court appointments/medication changes, etc. She frequently attends staff/briefing meetings to share this information or will speak to staff directly or via e-mail. The Student & Family Co-ordinator is also the main link to the students’ parents/carers speaking to them regularly on the phone; in meetings either in school or in their home authority and makes home visits particularly when there is a crisis and the families need additional support. She is the main link to Children’s Services for those students who are looked after (LAC) or have an allocated Social Worker. The school’s Speech & Language Therapist works predominantly in the Lower School supporting the Teaching Team and providing advice and guidance through additional strategies to enable the students to gain greater access to the curriculum and therefore improve their confidence in the learning environment.

There is a full-time CAMHS Psychotherapist who offers on-site direct work with students and their families, and in their local communities, as required.

The school employs a Learning Support Consultant for 3 half days per week under Pupil Premium Plus to support students who are Looked After (LAC). The Consultant provides additional support in developing literacy skills and works closely with the Speech & Language Therapist and across the school to improve students’ learning strategies.

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