During years 7, 8 and 9 students at Bowden House have the opportunity to learn history and geography based around a different topic each term. Lessons are themed around different periods of history and include aspects of art, science, literacy and numeracy. Our young men are encouraged to develop their skills at researching so that they become more confident in investigating questions and become life long learners. Each topic studied has an offsite educational visit connected to the theme, giving students real exposure to different periods of history.

Lower KS3 classes learn about travel and transport, looking at how transport has given rise to a more accessible world, with a trip to the historic dockyards at Portsmouth, experiencing what it would have been like to sail with Nelson standing on his flagship The Victory, and a ride on a steam train. Local history is brought to life by a visit to The Smugglers Caves in Hastings, learning what life would have been like as a smuggler on the south coast during 18th century. Technological advances are studied incorporating how film and photography has improved communication with a visit to the National film museum.

Climate change and environmental issues are studied looking at the changing shoreline and how to protect our coasts, and the importance of our oceans with a visit to the London Aquarium.

Upper KS3 classes will learn about the history of Britain and the world by studying particular periods of British History including the Vikings, the Tudors, and the Second World War. Visits to the British Museum and Butser Ancient Farm help bring the Vikings to life, with students given the chance to create flint tools and make Viking clothing. Before Remembrance day, students will be visiting the imperial war museum, after learning about the causes and effects of the second world war and how war has changed the geography of Europe and beyond. The history of London, the plague and the great fire of London is complimented with a visit to the Tower of London and Hampden Court Palace, one of the great Kings of England’s palaces. The importance of immigration and migration is developed looking at how animals migrate and how our history has been a flux of immigration, with visits to the RSPB wetlands at Arundel.