The aims of ICT are:

  • To Increase students’ knowledge of computing.
  • To develop an independent approach to learning.
  • To increase knowledge of media and how it impacts on all of us.
  • To build confidence with computing and give an insight to digital media.

The most important part of this subject is to learn while doing something fun. Creative iMedia gives them the opportunity to develop essential computing skills and work creatively. Students work in small groups to design and construct comics, cartoons and videos. They learn how to build websites and increase their knowledge of coding. All tasks are differentiated to get each student working to his potential.

Younger students work on projects which will give them the skills to succeed with the exam course. They are encouraged to work in pairs to support each other’s learning and act as a critical friend where they can discuss progress and give guidance. Each student is encouraged to work in a way that suites them.

Typically, each class will start with a group discussion and then make decisions has to how they wish to proceed, this may not be on the computers! If they are working on projects where they are to develop sketches, storyboards of characters for videos or multipage websites they will be to draw, have discussions and feedback to the group. Staff monitor progress and discuss areas for improvement with students individually.