Careers advice is delivered across the curriculum, staff consistently integrate careers advice within their subjects to emphasise the importance of their subjects in wider and working life. The focus on careers increases as students progress through the year groups at school.

Our Key Stage 4 students attend regular one to one careers advice sessions in school and this gives them the opportunity to look at college courses and jobs and start thinking about their future.

We have students attending local colleges on a 14-16 programme. For some students, just having the experience makes it easier for the transition into college after year 11. The students are able to access courses like Motor Vehicle, Catering, Hair and Beauty and Construction. Some are taster sessions and some are accredited courses where they gain a qualification. It gives the students the confidence to interact with other young people as well as adults in a different setting.

The students also visit various colleges for taster days and for private tours. We also take the students to Careers fairs to speak with Colleges and various Companies. Some of the students have also taken part in the Lifeskills Fire Course. This is an opportunity for them to learn about how a Fire Station runs. They wear all the appropriate clothing and get to use the hoses and equipment. This course has been very successful for our students, building their confidence and giving them a sense of achievement.