Bowden House is a residential school providing a nurturing, therapeutic environment. It caters for the individual academic and social needs of its students over a 24 hour curriculum. The school actively promotes social inclusion and aims to give each student the opportunity to develop the required skills to participate as a successful member of society. The school acknowledges the impact that many of its students have experienced in previous educational settings where their social, emotional and mental health difficulties have limited their educational progress.

The school offers a curriculum which reflects that accessed in a mainstream school but is delivered by specialist teaching staff supported by Assistant Teachers and Care Staff aimed at promoting a willingness and aptitude for learning. The joint approach of all staff in the school helps each student to recognise the consequences of their inappropriate behaviour; develop less destructive methods of expressing their feelings and work towards a greater sense of personal responsibility for their actions. The school will take account at all times of its students:

At the point of admission, each student is treated as an individual and following a period of review and assessment, will work within an Individual Learning Plan which incorporates their academic and behavioural targets. It is expected that the diverse skills of the teaching and care staff and the high level of specialist support, will lead to a period of stability that will give every student the best chance of a positive return to their home environment. Further important elements in successfully providing such an environment are:

The school is committed to the equal and fair treatment of all its students; employs a dedicated staff team able to meet the needs of students from diverse backgrounds and implements a clear, individualised programme of education and support for boys with social, emotional and mental health difficulties to ensure that their academic and social progress is central to the overall development of the school.

  • physical and emotional needs
  • cultural and religious needs
  • relationships with and importance of, family members or carers
  • past experiences and the reasons behind disruptive behaviours
  • need to improve their approach to learning and relationship building

Bowden House School places a high value on the importance of working closely with its students; their families or carers; referring authorities and other agencies. Health and emotional well-being are promoted throughout the 24 hour curriculum and are integral to improving outcomes.

  • a safe place to learn and develop social skills
  • attention given to all aspects of the needs of students already in the school when considering new admissions
  • a commitment by the student and his parents/carers to the school the establishment of a positive and supportive relationship with family members or carers
  • opportunities for new experiences
  • clear boundaries and expectations of behaviour
  • a clear system of rewards to recognise academic and social improvement and celebrate success
  • an open and transparent procedure for responding to complaints made by students or others
  • an effective anti-bullying policy
  • an Equal Opportunities Policy for staff and students
  • the opportunity to build appropriate relationships with adults they can trust
  • access to external support through CAMHS, counselling and a range of therapies
  • the opportunity to develop independence skills to ensure a confident transition into adulthood
  • access to the Connexions Service; further education and training to assist with employment opportunities upon leaving school.

Bowden House School’s Mission

We aim to encourage the belief that learning is a life-long process by creating a teaching and learning environment which engages, inspires and challenges every student to develop to their full potential. We are committed to a whole school approach in improving our students’ academic, social and emotional well- being, empowering them to expand their confidence and resilience to prepare them for future challenges in today’s diverse and multi-ethnic society.

Bowden House School’s Vision

Our school is a nurturing, learning community where excellence is expected of everyone. The vision for our students is to embrace the ethos of We not Me.

To think about others before themselves and encourage them to develop empathy and social responsibility