Analysing data in a traditional sense is instantly limited by the very process in which it is taken. Data ‘drops’ generate a snapshot of progress that instantly finds itself in the past. As such, you are looking at history rather than the present.

‘View’ does things differently…

Data is always live, always relevant and always visible. Making data available in this way creates a transparency of process that is rarely seen in most academic institutions.

View allows teachers to plan, differentiate and track students with clarity, precision and care. Students can see and are involved in their curriculum journey at all times and parents have the reassurance of data that is timely, clear and honest.

Data has always been important in school settings, accumulating and processing data is arduous, and time consuming. View changes that by allowing time to be repurposed for its most needed beneficiaries… students.

VIEW has completely transformed the way we interact with data. It has engaged staff, students and parents with data that is beautifully presented, impactful and engaging. Our aim is to hide nothing from anyone in terms of student progress which in turn creates a level of honesty and trust that removes many of the barriers to a child’s learning.