Every student at Bowden House is provided with a progress sticker book for every subject they are educated in.

The sticker book begins at the stage that a student is assessed at on entry to Bowden House. This is achieved through teacher assessment, speech and language testing and government data. Every sticker book starting point is bespoke to the individual and follows our SNA curriculum model.

All student sticker books finish at the highest possible level that can be attained nationally. Students are not limited in terms of a final attainment grade and are encouraged to achieve mastery in curriculum areas if they show interest in them.

In a practical sense, this means that students can achieve very high attainment in areas of interest and lower attainment in others. Our curriculum is sequenced and coherent to enable one skill/topic to be taught across multiple stages in one lesson.

The sticker books allow our students to engage with their progress in a way that enables them to ‘collect’ their progress as they pass through their entire journey at Bowden House. This process builds confidence, autonomy and enables clarity.

Our student progress is obvious, clear and transparent, to everyone.