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The Maths Department is committed to a student-centred active-learning approach in which we aim to:

  • Increase students confidence and capacity to work as independent learners
  • Foster positive attitudes, fascination and excitement of discovery through the teaching and learning of mathematical concepts.
  • For our students to develop a ‘can do’ attitude and perceive themselves as mathematicians
  • For students to study mathematics to become functioning adults who are able to think and solve problems for themselves.
  • For students to master the mathematical skills that will allow them to follow the widest possible choice of career paths.

The Maths Department’s philosophy is to make maths REAL:

Relevant - topics are taught by applying them to real-life purpose.
Enjoyable - engaging activities and the satisfaction of making progress.
Achievable - topics and assessments are pitched at an appropriate level.
Lifelong - appreciating that maths is a form of communication in the wider world.

The Department chooses not to use a published text book scheme, we use individualised tasks to meet the students varying needs. The students also take part Business Enterprise Projects that allow them to use their maths skills to create ideas and solve financial/business based problems.

We use a range of teaching methods that enable students to develop at their own pace and involves a carefully planned blend of approaches that allow for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning. Throughout the work, the staff monitor which elements of mathematics are encountered and the progress achieved. This approach enables a wide range of mathematics to be explored by students at their own level and pace. Students are encouraged to develop their own systematic and logical approaches to problems.

Students work both independently and co-operatively within small groups: in both situations, students are encouraged to seek advice, support and inspiration from the staff and from peers.

Students also take part in trips to engage students through learning outside the classroom. Pupils visit Thorpe Park. Here students participate in a range of workshops learning how maths is used in the real world from the design and creation of rides to managing finance before getting a chance to experience the park first hand. Students also get the chance to attend the European Maths Live! Conference held at Disneyland Paris. Throughout the conference students listen to and engage with the leading mathematicians form around the world, taking part in interactive presentations and engaging with other young people from across Europe to share experiences and solve problems.