There is a huge tradition in the school in Art and Design at Bowden House with all student completing the AQA GCSE course with fantastic results these past few years with grades ranging from 5 to 8 which is an A* in old money.

The Art department is committed to a student-centred creative -learning approach in which we aim to:

  • increase students’ confidence and capacity to work as creative thinkers and independent learners.
  • foster positive attitudes, fascination and excitement of discovery through the teaching and learning of artistic concepts, movements and Artists.
  • For our students to develop a ‘can do’ attitude and perceive themselves as Artists.
  • For students to have a creative outlet for feelings and emotions.
  • For students to acquire artistic skills that will allow them to follow the widest possible choice of career paths.

Each year in the Spring term there is an exhibition of students work and sketch books ND work is regularly shown to the public outside of school. Beautiful student artwork adorns the walls throughout the school. There is a weekly Art club and planned visits to local and London Art galleries.

Students will use a variety of materials and learn a number of techniques; many Artistic movements and Artists work will be examined to help students learn about the creative process.

Students are also encouraged to create their own work to take home for friends and family.

The Day of the Dead
The Day of the Dead