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Purple Group

Mission Statement:

We can. We will. In Purple group we aim to improve students confidence and social skills, whilst developing hobbies and independence through a supported environment. 

The group comprises of 12 to 14-year olds and has room to accommodate 9 students. The environment is second to none and provides a safe place for students to continue their personal development.

The group works on a student focused ethos. All students are invited to take ownership of their spare time by choosing and organising activities in a monthly meeting. Activities are designed for the purpose of encouraging their social development and students are encouraged to access the community as frequently as possible. Activities that students take part in include golf at the driving range, swimming at various different baths in the local area, football matches to watch and play in, watching banger racing, cooking nights, cinema trips and trips to the local forests where students take part in various games or sometimes BBQ’s. Students are also encouraged to seek out clubs they would like to join to help with their potential chosen career paths. We have students that attend local youth and football clubs, as well as a range of Cadets organisations. Students also have access to a wide range of on-site facilities that are extensive. They have supported access to a state-of-the-art ICT suite, fitness suite and indoor gym where they can engage in everything from basketball and football to table tennis and badminton. Furthermore, there is a fully equipped music suite in expressive arts, a food tech area and an art room. Students can also access a wide range of after school clubs including cooking club, film club, basketball club, walking club, fishing and singing club.

The building itself is very new and has won a number of awards for an eco-friendly design. Bedrooms are personalised for each student and are of ample size, with ensuite facilities. The main common room is of a considerable size and truly offers a social environment for our students. There is a small library situated in the common room and a wide range of board games, DVDs and consoles available for use. In the middle of the common room is a 10-seat table that is the focal point, providing a social hub for students and an ideal set up for group meetings and meals cooked by students, in our fully fitted and equipped kitchen. The focus for the group is the students social development and to continue to reinforce the excellent work done by Lime Group. This is achieved through a well organised structure, developed routines and underpinned by imbedded personal hygiene routines. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their personal space, are expected to maintain neat and tidy bedrooms and ensure they are well presented, in the appropriate school uniform for the day. A domestic team ensures the highest standards of cleanliness by cleaning all bedrooms every morning. Uniform is washed on a daily basis and returned to the communal area so students can access this as and when they require.

Staff relationships with our students are what supports their development as a whole. Staff are all highly trained and work hard to build strong and trusted relationships that encourage students to trust their guidance when they face situations that challenge them. This also contributes to students having a strong sense of safety in their learning environment. Subsequently, Purple Group has provided a wonderful and safe environment for our students to continue their progression as they move onwards to Blue Group and continue to develop further independence and aspirations.