Blue Group

Blue Group

Blue Group

Age group 14-16

Our provision

We are proud to demonstrate Bowden House’s ‘child-centred’ practice in Blue Group. In line with this, we actively encourage ‘student voice’ as we believe that the students should have as much input as possible in the decision-making around their care and living environment. Students are welcomed to a bi-weekly group meeting to discuss the running of the group and their activities timetable. The students are also issued with a half-termly questionnaire to complete so they can express their views on the running of the group.

Transition into further education – Our students are of the age that they will be coming to the end of their school life. We work closely with tutors, colleges and our Post16 facility, to ensure that we are supporting the students throughout this challenging transition period. This support consists of study groups, local library access, ‘life skills’ sessions (independent travel, cooking, accounting etc.) with our Post16 key workers and a constant, open communication between all parties to ensure we are giving our students the highest level of support and the best chance of success.

Blue Group Staff

We have an established staff team of varying experience, age, gender and interests. Our team work together to provide a comforting, fun, challenging and safe living environment for our students. Their wellbeing is our greatest concern and we work tirelessly to provide the best service imaginable for our students.

Exciting activities

We work with the students to create an exciting and challenging activity programme, consisting of numerous, varied activities. Go-karting, barbeques, charity fund raising, manhunt, swimming, mountain biking, climbing, cinema trips and watching or playing football, to name just a few. We also actively celebrate annual festivities (Easter, Christmas, Halloween etc.) by hosting parties and attending shows.


Each student has a single bedroom with en suite facilities consisting of a shower cubicle and WC. There is shared access to a communal living space for lounge and dining. A communal kitchen, so students can cook and prepare food and a shared bathroom if the students prefer a soak rather than a shower. Within the unit, there are also two staff bedrooms, so staff can be accessed at any time.

Blue Group is maintained to the highest standard by our fantastic on-site maintenance team and decorated to create a warm and homely atmosphere. Student artwork is exhibited within the group to recognise student achievement, add to the homely atmosphere and instil a positive sense of self-worth.