Success Indicators

Success Indicators

Success Indicators

Since the start of the new term in September 2016, students in KS3 have no longer been taught and assessed against traditional levels. The National Curriculum has changed and it is no longer possible to use levels which has given us a great opportunity to create a KS3 that is right for our students.

At Bowden House, we are teaching a knowledge lead curriculum that is based on the new Mastery concept curriculum and gives our students the opportunity to access “age expected” learning. Whilst some students may be working below this level, we believe it is vital to have the highest aspirations for all of our students in order to encourage them to achieve their full potential. Students will be assessed against Success Indicators (SIs) that have been mapped so that the students are aspiring towards, progressing through or have mastered age expected learning which will allow them to be successful at KS3 and beyond.

As part of this change at KS3, parents will receive reports 6 times a year that show to what extent their child has “Mastered” age expected learning and which SIs they are still attempting to master. Many students join Bowden House School below age expected learning- we tailor our curriculum to accommodate this using targeted intervention, differentiated work and one to one programmes to fill any gaps in learning. Through our Speech and Language Therapist, Literacy across the Curriculum, Numeracy Ninjas and Numeracy across the Curriculum together with Literacy and Numeracy intervention, we give a particular focus to Maths and English which is why they stand alone in the report. Alongside this we will report information showing behaviour, attendance, effort and respect all of which we aim to improve at Bowden House School.

SIs are Success Indicators that are the essential knowledge and skills each student should know and be able to do for their age in line with a ‘Mastery’ curriculum. We also show what percentage a student has ‘Mastered’ in a particular subject area.

This is the knowledge and skills base that will be needed in order to access the next year of our students’ education and to secure they gain a good pass at GCSE level.


  • A: Aspiring towards – students can complete the task with guidance from teachers. They may be undertaking working below age expected levels in order to work towards Mastery
  • P: Progressing through – students can complete the task; have done so once independently but still require prompting from Teaching staff
  • M: Mastered – age related expectations (a student can repeat the task unaided three times).